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Tablets in your music lab?

Whilst waiting for a repair authorisation on a Macbook the other day (bad Apple, naughty Apple), I caught sight of this – the Akai Synthstation.  This, at last, appears to be an answer to a problem:

For some time now, there’s been lots of talk about tablet hardware in class however such discussion often stems from an eagerness to find uses for new technology as opposed to trying to solve pre-existing issues via deployment of alternatives.  The Synthstation is a distillation of why I think Apple (and those affiliate manufacturers who play nice with them) have really ‘got’ it – true integration of the hardware with the tablet – even those of us that are somewhat technolgy-averse can see the potential benefits.  For certain tasks, it’s possible to remove the need for a ‘host pc’ entirely, gaining desk space, reducing power consumption, licensing costs and classroom clutter.  Instead, using a Synthstation (or similar) to work with the iPad allows music to be created, edited and shared in class with greater ease than ever before.

Before anyone suggests it – this isn’t an advert!  I’m going to petition my place of work to get one and trial it and will post the findings (both positive AND negative) on here, in case anyone else is interested.


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