iBooks Author kills DTP. Boom!

Apple kill DTP!

Sorry! Couldn’t resist it! As the blogosphere enters meltdown with the claims of the death of textbooks (didn’t that already happen?), I’m thinking the real boon to us in the education sector is the opportunity to open up the world of Desktop Publishing to students, free from the confines of Quark, inDesign or *shudder* so-called ‘accessible’ education titles.

Is it the end of DTP? Of course not, but what iBooks Author offers students (and teachers) is the opportunity to create engaging and interactive resources that can have the potential to outlive their purpose as merely evidence of completing an assignment or coursework! It’s a welcome entry into a notoriously difficult subject area, previously reliant on powerful hardware, expensive software and specialist knowledge. If we’re supposed to be helping students prepare for the future, I can’t think of a better way!


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